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WE GET IT. Rapid understands that the Trade Show deadline is not moving, your internal project date has top management visibility, and that your customer’s order is contingent upon delivery of your product NOW. If we fail to deliver your parts when promised, the heat is on you and your decision to use Rapid. We understand that the consequence of failure could be as severe as you losing your job. Therefore, Rapid jumps through hoops and does what it takes to deliver your parts on time or even better: early. To do this consistently requires a RAPID ATTITUDE.

RAPID ATTITUDE. Rapid employees are proactive and make things happen. We get started on quotes right away and if we see anything needing clarification, we contact you immediately. Orders are started ASAP—your parts are typically programmed within 24 hours of receiving the order. And once your parts are complete, if we miss the UPS or FEDEX pickup, our truck dashes to the drop-off site so you don’t wait an extra day. But a Rapid Attitude does not work without SIZE & EXPERIENCE.

SIZE & EXPERIENCE. In order to be consistently Rapid, it takes a large and experienced workforce. Size means Rapid always has capacity for large projects, we are better positioned to meet peak demand periods, and that employee vacation and sick days don’t have an impact on lead times or deliveries. With over 300 employees, Rapid operates at a minimum 24/5 and, in some divisions, 24/7. So parts are always moving through our shops, permitting Rapid to ship expedites within 24 hours if necessary. On the experience side, our employee bench is incredibly deep with dozens of master CNC machinists and 188足球直播app mechanics (do-it-all guys) with the critical knowledge gained through years of experience. And one year’s experience at Rapid equates to 10 years at many other shops — we ship well over 100 unique parts every day, and the majority are parts we have never made before and will never make again.

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