Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Protolabs?

Protolabs is a leading global provider of quick-turn manufacturing services, which include injection molding, CNC machining, 188足球直播app fabrication, and 3D printing. Protolabs is a publicly traded company (NYSE: PRLB) headquartered in Maple Plain, Minn. Please visit protolabs.com for more information.

Who is 金宝搏188d网址?

金宝搏188d网址 is formerly Rapid Manufacturing. Rapid Manufacturing was acquired by Protolabs in late 2017.

How do I get a quote?

It’s simple! Visit www.bktruland.com, click ‘get a quote’ and follow the prompts.

What types of files do you accept?

We can accept native SolidWorks (.sldprt) files as well as solid 3D CAD models from other CAD systems output in IGES (.igs), STEP (.stp), or Parasolid (.x_t) format.

How long are quotes valid?

All quotes are valid for 30 days. This is also highlighted in our terms and conditions attached to every quote.

Are shipping charges included in my quoted price?

No. All shipping charges are calculated at time of shipment. The quoted price is only the cost to manufacture the parts.


What is myRapid?

myRapid is a web-based quote and order placement platform for 188足球直播app and CNC machined parts, available for all customers.

Getting Started with Quoting Parts
What is my username?

Your username is your email address. If you do not have a username you can register here: https://myrapid.www.bktruland.com/Account/Register

What if I forget my password?

Click on the ‘forgot password’ link at the login screen. This will prompt you to enter your email address. A temporary password will be emailed to you and allow you to reset your password.

What form of payments can be used in myRapid?

myRapid accepts all major credit cards, as well as Purchase Orders (credit terms required).

How do I upload parts for quote in myRapid?

It’s simple! Visit www.bktruland.com, click ‘get a quote’ and follow the prompts.

Can I buy 188足球直播app and CNC machining quotes together?

No. Quotes for one service (ex. 3 188足球直播app quotes) can be purchased together, however 188足球直播app quotes must be purchased separately from machined quotes.

Can I modify quantities and finishes?

Yes! In myRapid, you can adjust quantities and finishes. Please keep in mind that in the limited situations where one of our estimators has created a customized price for your part, these options may not be available.

Can I share quotes?

Yes! The recipient of quotes can share quotes with other members of their organization. To set up sharing, follow these steps:

1. Login to myRapid
2. Click myPreferences
3. Add the users email of who you would like to add, Click Share

Note that the share recipient must also have a myRapid account. The share recipient must approve the share request.
Keep in mind that once sharing is turned on, all quotes will be viewable/orderable. A subset of quotes cannot be shared.


Why are you sending quotes as links instead of pdfs?

In the spirit of providing industry-leading speed, Rapid strives to continue to improve quote delivery time.

How do I know if I can trust the link you send me?

We recognize that email security threats are common, and we’ll do our best to make our quote links as transparent as possible. We’ll be sending you a link with the entire web address, and the link will always direct you to our web portal myrapid.www.bktruland.com. If at any time you have a question on this, please call us at 603-686-8980 OPT 1 .

Who do I contact with questions?

Please call us at 603-686-8980 or email our customer service group at rsm-customerservice@protolabs.com

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